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Saturday highlights

  • Started the day on a right note with an hour of dancing. “Dance for yourself,” my teacher wisely pointed out, anchoring our wandering minds to the present, and encouraging us to seek inspiration from within. It was an exhilarating one hour of the day…!
  • Weekly routine calls to family and friends. This is probably one of my favorite parts of the weekend. If I am not listening to podcasts while cooking and cleaning, I am pouring my heart out to family and friends.
  • My monthly pampering routine – henna and eyebrows.
  • Produce shopping at the local farm store. Nothing makes me more happy than the sight of colorful peppers in the seconds stand. Another surprise was waiting for me at the store today.  A crate of plum tomatoes for just $4.00.
  • Making banana bread with the little baker in the house. Not to gloat, but the finished product was delicious. Instead of sugar, I added coconut sugar. While coconut sugar is still sugar, it is less processed and it has more nutrients. I also like that it does not leave you with an aftertaste like sugar does.
  • Scallion pancake, pad thai, sesame noodles and bubble tea for dinner at the local Chinese restaurant, a family favorite.
  • An evening of sweet solitude in togetherness. Hari huddled with book. Ram playing with magnets on the refrigerator. Da catching up on news. I am chopping veggies for the week, with banana bread baking in the oven, thakali thokku simmering on the stove, songs from 90s streaming on Savvn. Ordinary moments that make our house a home.
  • Sleepover with Hari, who is bone tired after a double header today and slept before he could rest his head on the pillow. I miss watching Thunderman with him like we did last week, our latest addition to the sleepover routine, that will just have to wait for another day!

On that note, tudlu for today. Have a good rest of the weekend!

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The fan is humming along, making more noise than breeze. Hari and Ram are fast asleep. Da is tying loose ends – sending emails, catching up on housekeeping items. It has been a long day for all of us. 

Like all Thursdays, today was half a day for Hari. He has been craving for more freedom, to be treated like a grown up.  To go around the neighborhood on his bike, and check on his friends to play soccer, football and what not. I let him go, he is ready for it and I trust him to be responsible. We go through the drill of dos and don’ts before he steps out.  He reminds me of me when I was his age. I don’t recall a day that I was not itching to be on my own. 

Ram is signed up for Little League baseball. Tuesday was photo day. The hall was a parade of cuteness with five year olds and six year olds wearing oversized jerseys and baseball hats. Hari and Ram have been “practicing” at home. Hari has grand dreams for Ram. Poor Ram, he not only has to measure up to his parent’s expectations but has to  live upto his anna’s dreams. Da is coaching Ram’s team. It is his way of giving back to the community while being involved in Ram’s activities. 

As for me, I am just glad to be home this week after travelling for the past two consecutive weeks. 

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On bodily functions.



One of the things that I love about being a mom or a teacher (at sunday school) is listening to little humans explain profound concepts in simple words. When you hear it from them, with an epiphany in their tone,  it takes our own understanding to a whole new level, wouldn’t you agree?

In Ram’s preschool, the book of the month for last month was Me and My amazing body. All activities and discussion were centered around body and bodily functions. I cherished how Ram kept making connection to what he was learning at school during our everyday conversations. One evening, as we got into the car, he looked me straight in the eye, examining it closely, and explained, “See when you get inside the car that black circle in your eyes changes,” he was referring to the dilating of my pupils. Then another evening, when we were talking about making choices, he said, “ Did you know amma, our brain is always sending us messages and we have to listen to our brain to make good choices”. In another instance, we were having an argument over whether or not chips make a healthy snack choice, without missing a beat the child reassured, “Don’t worry mom, if we eat unhealthy food, it will just come out as poop.”  Go figure! My favorite epiphany is, “Mom, did you know that our heart is not actually shaped like a heart (that we use in stickers).”  

What is not to love about straight from the heart conversations like these?

On a related note, curious to know how the heart shape came to be? Check out this link.