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Saturday highlights

  • Started the day on a right note with an hour of dancing. “Dance for yourself,” my teacher wisely pointed out, anchoring our wandering minds to the present, and encouraging us to seek inspiration from within. It was an exhilarating one hour of the day…!
  • Weekly routine calls to family and friends. This is probably one of my favorite parts of the weekend. If I am not listening to podcasts while cooking and cleaning, I am pouring my heart out to family and friends.
  • My monthly pampering routine – henna and eyebrows.
  • Produce shopping at the local farm store. Nothing makes me more happy than the sight of colorful peppers in the seconds stand. Another surprise was waiting for me at the store today.  A crate of plum tomatoes for just $4.00.
  • Making banana bread with the little baker in the house. Not to gloat, but the finished product was delicious. Instead of sugar, I added coconut sugar. While coconut sugar is still sugar, it is less processed and it has more nutrients. I also like that it does not leave you with an aftertaste like sugar does.
  • Scallion pancake, pad thai, sesame noodles and bubble tea for dinner at the local Chinese restaurant, a family favorite.
  • An evening of sweet solitude in togetherness. Hari huddled with book. Ram playing with magnets on the refrigerator. Da catching up on news. I am chopping veggies for the week, with banana bread baking in the oven, thakali thokku simmering on the stove, songs from 90s streaming on Savvn. Ordinary moments that make our house a home.
  • Sleepover with Hari, who is bone tired after a double header today and slept before he could rest his head on the pillow. I miss watching Thunderman with him like we did last week, our latest addition to the sleepover routine, that will just have to wait for another day!

On that note, tudlu for today. Have a good rest of the weekend!

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