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Reading aloud

Ram is not an independent reader yet, but I am reading far more advanced books to him than what I did for Hari at this age.  I stopped reading to Hari once he started reading on his own, although he lingers and listens when Ram and I read at breakfast.  With Ram, I hope to keep up the practice of reading aloud a little longer.

What a joyful experience it is to read with someone, especially a tiny tot with eyes that show expressions of wonder and comprehension. Ram likes to pick a character as we read along and pretend that he is that character. Then we get silly repeating some of the dialogues from the books. Also, how could I miss out on the  last opportunity to read all the books that I did not read as a child.

2 thoughts on “Reading aloud

  1. It’s one of the things I like best – bedtime reading out aloud. I agree – what a joyful experience!! We love pooh stories the best! and it is always such a grounding experience for me to remember what matters the most – these little moments and time spent together. Try Charlie and the chocolate factory! Such fun!! As you can tell, just catching up with your blog! 🙂

    1. What fun to receive so many comments from you; just when I was thinking it would be kind of nice if someone commented on my posts. Miss your blog posts..!

      Thanks for the reminder about Charlie and the Chocolate factory, next on my reading list. We just finished Fantastic Mr. Fox

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