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Sick Child

Hari stayed home today as he was sick with cold, cough and allergies. Poor child, he had a rough day with incessant sneezing and coughing. I was reminded of the nightmare that his first year of daycare was. It feels  like a different era. He was so puny, was off the charts for his weight, and was a frequent visitor at  the doctor’s office.  Even as a one and half year old, he would bawl every time we entered the parking lot of the doctor’s office as he knew too well what was in store. That phase did eventually pass, thank god for that!

As I called the triage nurse for advise today, I realized that in another 10  years, Hari will not qualify to be seen by a pediatrician. This baby of mine will be an adult child in a decade. And we all know how quickly a decade passes.

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