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Play Ball

Now that Ram is also playing ball, our weekends are spent hopping from one baseball field to another. Some days I wish we had more time to ourselves but most of the days I am thrilled that Hari gets to do something that he is passionate about. If we don’t support him in his endeavors, who else will? 

Hari is playing for the town team as well as for a private club. The former is for fun and the latter is serious training. In the town team, Hari gets many opportunities to pitch, is a good hitter,  and is shining bright. Today the parents from his team lavished praises on him. Got the mom in me thumping with joy. In the private club, the standards are much higher, the players are more competitive, and Hari’s potential is stretched. It’s a humbling experience for him and takes his skills to the next level.

Ram is having a ball at his baseball practices. Mostly, because he gets to hang out with his buddies. It’s too early to say if his heart is in it. Hari complains that he takes too many breaks. “Just let him be Hari.  He is only five years old. If it’s his thing, he will eventually get to it. If it’s not, we will support him in whatever he is interested”  As I put it in perspective for him, I put parenting in perspective for myself.

Da seems to be enjoying the coaching gig. Hari tags along with him during weekend practice sessions and is coaching the little kids, which he simply loves!

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