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Raising a toast…

…to one of the charming and sweetest couples that I have ever known – my appa and amma. So thankful from the bottom of my heart that the world conspired and brought them together for life. Tender, love and care, are the words that come to mind when I think of them. Always supportive of each other, their differences bind them together. They raised us well, providing a happy childhood and a nurturing environment. Right from the start, we have known they are strong team players, not the one to let the other down. They are each other’s life coach, counseling each other and lifting each other. What better gift could one ask for, isn’t it? 

Appa and amma – fondly thinking of you and wishing a very happy 40th and many many more  lifetimes of togetherness. Because you are so perfect for each other. Wishing you a heart full of happiness, mind full of peace, and pinkest of health.

Presenting a picture of my 18-year amma and 28-year old appa, taken in their wedding year. Now you know why I call them a charming couple, don’t you?

appa and amma


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    1. Thanks Laksh, I get that feedback a lot – that I look like my mom.

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