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Moving on

I am bone tired as I type this post, but didn’t want this milestone to slip by without recording it here.

The hoopla does get to you. I kept telling myself, isn’t he just going from fifth grade to sixth? What’s the big deal? But after the Moving On Ceremony, the numerous activities and parties packed within the past two days, and finally, as I saw Hari painstakingly work on his good bye cards to his favorite teachers, it’s hard not to feel a tug at the heartstrings.

We are so thankful that the child had a positive experience in elementary school, that his foundational years were spent in a nurturing environment that allowed him to grow and thrive. My heartfelt gratitude to all the teachers, each of whom have made such a lasting impact on him.

Hari, take that sparkle with you child as one phase comes to an end and another exciting one is about to begin..! We are so proud that you are ours.

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