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Here’s a MeMe I grabbed from Momto2cuddlebugs. Do share yours in the comment box or in your blog – I am all ears!

  1. Where is your cell phone?  In the shelf
  2. Where is your significant other?  In the TV/Ommachi/Patti room, serving kids spaghetti and garlic bread, with cricket match streaming on TV.
  3. Your hair?  Greying, fast and furious
  4. Your mother?  Shared tips for making milaga podi when we talked last
  5. Your father? Joyfully narrated their trip to Nava Tirupathi when we talked last
  6. Your favorite thing? How about my favorites for today? Reading newspaper as I sipped my morning chai, biking with Hari drenching in the beauty of our neighborhood, reading aloud Road Dahl’s Dirty Beasts to Ram, being served dinner by Da, getting pulled into the world of Sabitri, Bela and Tara of Before We Visit the Goddess
  7. Your dream last night?  None, had a long sound sleep!
  8. Your dream/goal?  To just BE
  9. The room you are in?  Dining room
  10. Your fear? Not living the fullest life I can
  11. Where do you want to be in six years? Where I am today, surrounded by the Jing Bang Gang. A renovated house would be a nice bonus!
  12. Where were you last night?  Home, sweet home!
  13. What you are not? Insincere. Uncommitted. A go-getter
  14. Muffins?  Can have loads of them!
  15. One of your wish list items?  A reading nook in a sun room
  16. Where did you grow up?  Depends on where the cut off is. I would like to think I am still growing, evolving into a better person.
  17. What are you wearing?  White t-shirt with a blue green flared knee length skirt that screams Made in India
  18. Your TV?  Is streaming CPL match now
  19. Your pet?  Can hardly imagine.
  20. Your computer?  Is overworked!
  21. Your life?  Privileged
  22. Your mood?  Content
  23. Missing someone?  No one in particular
  24. Your car?  RAV4
  25. Something you are not wearing?  A wedding ring
  26. Your summer? Is filled with merciless, non-negotiable, ruthless routine with pockets of R&R.
  27. Love someone?  My family and friends, with all my heart!
  28. Your favorite colors?  Maroon, bottle green, purple
  29. When is the last time you laughed?  This morning as we read Dirty Beasts
  30. Last time you cried?   Last Saturday, at the thought of two young children having to perform the last rites for their father.
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The mind has been wandering in different directions for the past few days processing the passing away of someone we have known. Life for this family has changed overnight. The elder of the two children is Hari’s age. All was well, they had returned from a family vacation only a couple of weeks back, with no inkling of what was to come. One night they were catching up with their favorite TV show and the next morning there was no life left in him.

What a terrible reminder that not all human bodies are created equal, that human life is so fragile and brittle, that you never know. And yet, why is it that we find it so hard to keep our negative emotions in check? Why is it so hard to choose kindness at all times? Why do the details of our life consume us to the extent that we lose sight of the big picture ?

I visited my friend today. She is picking up the pieces, one day at a time. She managed to do a little something for her first born who turned a year older two days after his dad passed away. She is taking care of the practical aspects, the paper work, the business of living, prioritizing, getting help, figuring it out. It is a long road to healing but they have taken the first steps.

The human spirit may be flawed in so many ways, but gotta be in awe of its resilience!

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Ram Leela

Ram: Amma can I sleep with you in appa and amma bed.
Me: Illa ma, you have to sleep in your fire engine bed
Ram: Actually amma America is a free country and we live in America. I can sleep wherever I want and I choose to sleep in your bed.

Ram: Amma I really love your belly.
Just when I was about to get flattered by it, he continued… you know why? It’s big and squishy!

Ram: What’s for dinner amma?
Me: Chapathi
Ram: I don’t like chapathi, I don’t want it.
Hari: Hold on Ram, it’s actually the good kind
Ram: You mean the frozen one, not the one amma makes?

Me: Ram enough of eating your cucumber, you are dodging your rasam mamu. I am getting impatient, now eat your rice. Ram cupping his hands and holding my chin in it, lovingly says “Dude, if I don’t eat my vegetables, how am I going to grow up and get healthy?”

And then you see glimpses of growing up. As I was taking the muffins out of the toaster oven, the child tells me sternly – “Never take anything without those mittens. I don’t want you to get burns”

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Kids and summer news

We have been basking in the glorious summer weather in our part of the world. As we cross the halfway mark, I remind myself not to get too used to this warmth. The icy cold hands of winter is just around the corner.

The kids were home for the first three weeks. The first week was spent in the company of one of my close friends and her family. Her son N celebrated his b’day with us. It was a week filled with endearing moments – Hari got to be the big brother that the little kids looked up to, Ram and N bonding over pokemon, pretend play and legos, N’s twin sisters regaling us with sweet toddler antics.

Ram and Hari are in the same camps all through summer.  I am pleasantly surprised by how much the boys are enjoying being in the same campus.  Hari checks on Ram in hallways and Ram hangs out with Hari at recess. There are even days when the boys co-ordinate their t-shirts so they can be “twins” at camp.  All on their own accord. That’s going to change for the next two weeks as Hari will be on a Trip and Adventure camp. And that’s good too, the kids will be on their own doing their own thing.

Hari is enjoying his summer baseball games. He is also indulging us by working on his math skills. While sports continue to be his first love, he definitely seems to be acquiring a taste and liking for crunching numbers. Once he overcomes the inertia, the wheels start spinning and whirring quite effortlessly.

Ram and I have been reading together a lot this summer. We read George’s Marvellous Medicine and Phantom Tollbooth. Ram’s penchant for picture walking has inspired me to practice my non-existent drawing skills.  Nothing original, just copying illustrations in his story books.  It’s true that the deer I draw looks like a cow and the only flower I seem to be capable of drawing is a tulip, but when there is an eager little person sitting next to you, sharing the paper, unleashing his creativity, enjoying the companionship, you plod along.