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Ram Leela

Ram: Amma can I sleep with you in appa and amma bed.
Me: Illa ma, you have to sleep in your fire engine bed
Ram: Actually amma America is a free country and we live in America. I can sleep wherever I want and I choose to sleep in your bed.

Ram: Amma I really love your belly.
Just when I was about to get flattered by it, he continued… you know why? It’s big and squishy!

Ram: What’s for dinner amma?
Me: Chapathi
Ram: I don’t like chapathi, I don’t want it.
Hari: Hold on Ram, it’s actually the good kind
Ram: You mean the frozen one, not the one amma makes?

Me: Ram enough of eating your cucumber, you are dodging your rasam mamu. I am getting impatient, now eat your rice. Ram cupping his hands and holding my chin in it, lovingly says “Dude, if I don’t eat my vegetables, how am I going to grow up and get healthy?”

And then you see glimpses of growing up. As I was taking the muffins out of the toaster oven, the child tells me sternly – “Never take anything without those mittens. I don’t want you to get burns”

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    1. Thanks and welcome here…! Lapping in all the innocence of the child while it exists…!

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