The mind has been wandering in different directions for the past few days processing the passing away of someone we have known. Life for this family has changed overnight. The elder of the two children is Hari’s age. All was well, they had returned from a family vacation only a couple of weeks back, with no inkling of what was to come. One night they were catching up with their favorite TV show and the next morning there was no life left in him.

What a terrible reminder that not all human bodies are created equal, that human life is so fragile and brittle, that you never know. And yet, why is it that we find it so hard to keep our negative emotions in check? Why is it so hard to choose kindness at all times? Why do the details of our life consume us to the extent that we lose sight of the big picture ?

I visited my friend today. She is picking up the pieces, one day at a time. She managed to do a little something for her first born who turned a year older two days after his dad passed away. She is taking care of the practical aspects, the paper work, the business of living, prioritizing, getting help, figuring it out. It is a long road to healing but they have taken the first steps.

The human spirit may be flawed in so many ways, but gotta be in awe of its resilience!

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