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Happy 6th

Facebook popped a “memory” from five years back on my timeline today, a precious one at that. Curly haired, chubby faced, little Ram wearing a white onesie that says, “My First B’day.” That tender skin, that uninhibited love, that physical bonding, those curious eyes,  those days of holding him close to my chest – his heartbeat playing a tango with mine, and all those treasured little big moments. Our sweet little peanut, how the years have flown and what a difference five years can make!

Today, as he was sheepishly holding his Elmo birthday balloon, I was singing a little song in my head, borrowing words from Dr. Seuss’ books  and adding my  twist to it – “You have words in your mouth, shoes in your feet, brains in your head. You can go in any direction you choose. Go spread your wings, fight your battles, and conquer your mountains. You are strong, you are capable, don’t you ever forget that!”

To the child who has a mind of his own, who will think two steps ahead, who  will go to the root of the problem, who will open up an instruction sheet and follow it to the T, who knows to enjoy his company but can’t tolerate a harsh word, a cold glance or negativity of any kind, who will feed you a spoon of melted ice cream from his share because he knows that you like it so, who will make you learn about Pokemon and Chima, who will ask that you draw a heart on his palm and write “I love my mom” with henna – we love you to the moon and back. Happy happy birthday our little one. Take that sparkle with you wherever you go, and stay curious!


4 thoughts on “Happy 6th

  1. Happy birthday to the adorable little one. May the year, and future be filled with dreams, ambitions and the grit to work for them.

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