What I Need

We are loving middle school. We, being Hari and I. Middle school is definitely a step up from elementary and a time when kids are given responsibilities and taught to manage them. 

One of the things that Hari’s school does is have blocks of time that they label as WIN or What I Need time. In this block, as the name implies, kids are encouraged to do what they need. For some, it’s time to get extra help from teachers. For others, it is time to get help for organizing their folders or go on nature walks or indulge in arts and crafts or play ultimate frisbee or do yoga and meditation. While I question, whether or not, kids really do what they need or simply go along with what their peers are into, I see value coming out of it in the long term. Perhaps, it will help them get into the mindset of looking within and inculcate the habit of unwinding.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we all blocked a What I Need time in our calendars – a time when we consciously think about what we truly need and take responsibility for making it happen?

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