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Heart of the matter

Hari went to bed last night feeling unwell. The kind of body ache you feel when you are about to come down with something. He woke up this morning not wanting to go to school. He looked worn down but was not sick enough to stay at home. So we talked and the child reluctantly went to his bus stop with the understanding that he can call home if he continues to feel drained.

A few minutes later, he came home hastily knocking at the door. “Can you help me find my cross country jersey amma, I totally forgot about the meet today.”  But aren’t you feeling sore babes? I don’t think  it’s a good idea to run when you are not at your healthiest.  “It’s ok amma, I want to do this. I can do this.” He still looked worn down to me. We rummaged through the drawers, pulled the jersey in the nick of the moment, and  dashed to his bus stop with good luck hugs and wishes. I am not sure how the day will turn out for him, but when he is so sure about what he wants and thinks that he can, then we have to let him give it a try.

It’s a silly incident. But isn’t it amusing how far we are willing to go, and what barriers we are willing to overcome, if our heart is set on something?

2 thoughts on “Heart of the matter

  1. Parallel universes, Maha. V was down last night, and when she woke up this morning, she didn’t seem alright. Yet, she doggedly went to school, because there is going to be football tryouts.
    Can’t believe I read your post right after I hugged her bye to school.

    1. Aww..! Hope V feels better and enjoyed her football. Mine was adamant about going to soccer after cross country in the evening and for that I put my foot down for which he came and thanked me later.

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