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Gratitude journal – Day 1

Nov. is Thanksgiving month, gratitude is in the air, in my company newsletter, in podcasts, in blog posts, just about everywhere. Last year, I thoroughly enjoyed reading UL’s gratitude journal that she wrote during the month of Nov. and this time I want to join her in this effort.  So , this month, I intend to write a post a day expressing gratitude for whatever it is I feel strongly feel about on that particular day.

My company is moving offices. Today, as I was clearing out my desk and drawers, a ziplock back dated Nov. 10, 2010 caught my eye and I felt gratitude wash over me.  Ram was born six weeks prior to that date and it was about that time that I started pumping milk for him in preparation of going back to work. I stored the packs in that zip lock, dating it so I can keep track of expiration. It is a non-event now, but pumping milk was the story of my life that year. It was a challenging and humbling experience that taught me a thing or two about having faith and to just be.

I am immensely thankful that Ram came into our lives. I am thankful for the modern day advances that enabled me going back to work while feeding my child breast milk. I am thankful for the flexibility that my work place provided. I am thankful for all the support I received then.

6 thoughts on “Gratitude journal – Day 1

  1. So beautiful Maha- I remember the day Ram was born like yesterday – it was big for me. My life changed and took a 360 degree turn. I pretty much caught up on your blog since I was last here. Was going to comment When I had a moment but looks like now is a very good time. I loved the way you set intention and how you talked about writing in the best handwriting in the journal ( i have to look back to see what you called it but one where you repeatedly wrote the same chant or mantra over and over again). My Dad does it but I am going to see if we can all do it. I loved hearing about your Sunday school teaching that you do- be it via online tools or direct interaction. Loved the comment your Dad made on the same… oh and so much more. Thank you for being you and sharing some of the most profound thoughts through your writing Maha – love to you and yours 🌞💖🙏

    1. Always love your heartfelt comment UL. That was a big year for us!

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