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I voted! (Gratitude Journal – Day 2)

While election day is officially on Nov. 08, Early Voting allows voters to cast their vote in advance. Initially I wanted to soak in the spirit and vote on the scheduled date but as the days passed by, an acute sense of wanting to exercise my franchise gripped me. So today was the day and off we went to make our voices heard..!

This is my first time ever voting, let alone in the US. So you can imagine the excitement!  The voting was a pretty straight forward 15-minute affair. We gave our precinct information, cast our ballot, and came home with the I Voted sticker. The presidential vote was a no brainer,  but the state ballot questions required some research, understanding, and introspection  prior to voting. Casting the vote made me feel like I matter, made me realize that there is more skin in the game and that I need to be engaged in the community that I am part of.

As Da and I took a selfie with the I voted sticker,  I felt gratitude for this country that has embraced us and that is home to our children. It’s a place that I have grown fond of. My town, my neighborhood. I know this election has been a petty and scary one. But there are good people stories too you know? Like the story of my cleaner who got her citizenship on the same day as we did. She works on 3 jobs, 6 days a week, 10 hours a day, to make her ends meet and support her family back home.  The citizenship was the panacea of sort for her hardships. The American Dream coming to life. There is goodness amongst this ugliness. 

4 thoughts on “I voted! (Gratitude Journal – Day 2)

    1. Yay for you too.. quite thrilling actually! Good luck to you, and all of us post Nov. 08.

      On Wed, Nov 2, 2016 at 8:10 PM, Thoughts Unlimited wrote:


  1. Thats awesome Maha – living the American Dream is what we are all doing and I feel grateful for this country and am so glad you mentioned it- reinstating to me that I should be grateful to this land for evety breath I take since I set foot here and made it my home . Thank you for joining me in this journey, friend 😘💖🙏

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