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Time heals and the power of NOW (Gratitude Journal – Day 4)

  • To err is human. I am no exception. I have made mistakes of all sizes – small, big, and everything in between.
  • Loss is inevitable. I am not immune to it either. I have gone through loss and experienced grief.
  • Failure happens. I have had my fair share too.
  • Disappointment, anger, frustration, and negativity of all kinds are part of being a human. I experience them too.

But thank god for the healing power of time, our lives are not defined by the mistakes we make, the losses that we encounter, the failures we experience or the negativity we go through. They are part of who we are but they are not the only fragments we are made of. Time creates space and distance. What seems monumental, shrinks in stature and enormity with the passage of time. With time, we forgive (ourselves and others) and sometimes forget. The drama of emotions is replaced by calm acceptance. Self criticism by self compassion. We see things in perspective, the enormity of the situation relative to the big picture.

Time heals and thank god for that!

On the topic of time, I am grateful for the concept of NOW. I mean this moment in time, NOW, has always existed. But the power hidden in NOW has appealed to me only in the recent years. I see so much truth and wisdom in giving everything you have to this moment of time, without the burden of the past or the worry about the future. So I try. The few times I succeed, I know I have lived a life of high quality.

4 thoughts on “Time heals and the power of NOW (Gratitude Journal – Day 4)

    1. Glad it served a purpse LG. Saw your post and now I understand why!

      On Sun, Nov 6, 2016 at 3:08 AM, Thoughts Unlimited wrote:


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