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Small Mercies (Gratitude Journal – Day 9)

The election campaign has been anything but R rated. Over the past several months, we have been very careful about what the kids listened to when it came to the election campaign. Last night, we let our guard down and succumbed to the election fever. We watched the election coverage as a family till bedtime. The result? As we transitioned to our bedtime routine, Ram who was fiddling with his legos, casually asked, “Amma what does assault mean?” Hari, who was right next to me, took it upon himself to explain it to him and he did a pretty good job of articulating it.  Then Hari inched towards me and whispered in my ears, “Amma what does rapist mean?”  

After Hari woke up, he was not happy about the election results. He asked me, “Amma, how can you be so calm about it and not get upset?”  I explained that I was very upset but I am choosing to pour my energy into my routine and take comfort in mundane stuff.  Sadly, we can’t do anything about the outcome anymore. 

He seemed to be his usual self after school. He talked about how they discussed the election results in ancient civilization and math. They were told that they are young, they have the power to change things that they do not like as they get older.  They were asked to reflect on things they felt strongly about. Hari felt strongly about veterans benefits, having a smoke/cigarette free and drug free society and getting rid of deadly diseases. Then he and I sat to watch the beautiful concession speech by Hillary. Many many life lessons imparted in that 12 minutes video, delivered with grace, maturity and conviction. And then I told Hari, “Remember the question you asked me last night, do you feel like talking about it now?” And so began the uncomfortable, awkward but necessary discussion.

Thank you Hillary for giving us the closure that we needed, not just for your supporters but to little minds that are eager to learn and make sense of the world and who heard things not meant for their ears. For showing us amazing grace as you faced your most painful setback.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart to educators for being there for my kids, helping them process the outcome, and empowering them to focus on solutions rather than wallowing in problem.

7 thoughts on “Small Mercies (Gratitude Journal – Day 9)

    1. So true LG. Reminds me of what my dance teacher said – “Life is a practice”, the point is to get better every day.

      On Thu, Nov 10, 2016 at 12:06 AM, Thoughts Unlimited wrote:


  1. Thank you for the share Maha, I am seeing so much instability this election has caused even in a world as stable as Yoga where my life has pretty much revolved around these last few years. If mud slinging was the norm before the elections, it didn’t bother the yogis one bit. But since the election results have come in, it has gotten so bad, people are divided. So many yoga practitioners are upset, angry and showing tendencies of violence. To me it teaches a profound lesson, pain comes from expectations, practice is about doing our best in the present moment and letting go of what happens after that. Friction/instability is part of life and it is entirely up to each one of us to find grounding within ourselves. And when each individual strives to find stability, the Universe will flow and follow. Nothing can stop the rhythm of life, if there is a rise in negativity and evil, nature will balance the scales with positivity and goodness. But to control nature is beyond our hands, we can only change who we are without expecting the world to change with us. That’s what I have been teaching my daughter, I told her to think of it as a game between two people, each puts in their best and then once the game is over, they shake hands – there is no winner or loser, they are both participants in a game played to the best of their abilities. And politics as history teaches us is a game rarely played fair. So acknowledge and move on is what I encouraged her to do. As an example, we as parents should continue to do our best and minimize or nullify expectations. For who knows what tomorrow brings? We only have this moment in time.

    1. True UL. The human mind has low intolerance for uncertainty. Fear and panic clouds our judgment like no other. Hard to be fearless when you are fearful. The goal at that moment is perhaps not to become fearless but to sit tight – to not press the panic button and let the fear pass. Takes self-restraint and remembering to have faith. In this case, faith in democracy. I keep telling myself this is not dictatorship, this is democracy, we are living in world’s biggest democracy. There will be changes we will not like but as they say you get what you get and you do not get upset. Have to sit tight and ride out the storm. That’s how I made sense of what’s happening around me this week.

      On Thu, Nov 10, 2016 at 10:14 PM, Thoughts Unlimited wrote:


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