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Gift of Tolerance (Gratitude Journal – Day 12)

Today has been one of those days. A day of being edgy, restless, and hormonal. All the fear mongering and the resentment in social media combined with the fact that I am lagging behind on all my personal commitments exacerbated my state of mind . The saving grace is I was aware that I was being sensitive to the tiniest infractions and responsive to things that would normally be a non-issue. So with monumental effort and plenty of deep breaths, I held my tongue back and was less unpleasant than I normally would be in this situation.

As I type this post, both the kids are sleeping next to me, each on either side. Their little warm bodies are curled up against mine.  I am thankful from the bottom of my heart that I did not take out my frustrations on them today. I am thankful that I indulged Ram when he asked for a sleepover with that puppy face of his. I am glad that I lent a ear when Hari vented out his disappointment for the day. I am thankful that although I did not articulate, the kids understood that I was not me today and unintentionality built up their flexibility reserve. I am thankful that Da did more than his share of chores today, I needed any extra time I could get.  I am thankful that for all the times that I push them away, my family comes skipping and hopping back to me. It inspires me to be a better person, every single day,

4 thoughts on “Gift of Tolerance (Gratitude Journal – Day 12)

  1. Being sensitive to the moods and practicing to pull in the reins is yoga. It is called witnessing. And often we let the stories drag us in – am so glad you were able to witness. And look at what you got as a result, even when you didn’t expect it to happen that way, you got the comfort of your warm cosy blanket to wrap yourself in, your beautiful family. Am glad the day turned out wonderful, I would call it a good day, the best day in spite of the irritability that was struggling to come out. You witnessed and so you had a good day. Not everyday can be similar, sometimes we identify with the story and then we lose it. To be able to remain the witness is the practice. Sometimes it can take lifetimes, but even the smallest step is progress as Gita teaches us.

    1. UL – I enjoy being a witness to my own life. Look at the issue and the drama surrounding it with detachment. As you said, not always feasibly but I practice it like an experiment when I can.

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