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Hari and Ram – Sibling-ness (Gratitude Journal – Day 16)

When I was little,  I have seen older siblings act beyond their age, parenting their little brother or sister. And I have cringed, squirmed, and wondered, “Why can’t they act their age? Shouldn’t they be playing instead of raising their little brother or sister?”  

Decades later, I am seeing my own first born parenting my second born. Well, the term parenting is an exaggeration. Let’s just say, Hari is very protective of and affectionate to Ram. He cannot bear to see Ram heartbroken or being taken advantage of. The affection is a two-way street.  Ram will put up a fight with us for Hari and will stick to Hari like a velcro should we reprimand him. They have their own insider jokes. They fight. They manipulate each other and drive each other nuts. 

Ram has been whispering to me all evening today. “Amma I am going to make a b’day card for anna”, “Can you get a print out of baseball?”, “I want to make a pop up card for anna”  

I am not sure what the future holds, but today it tugs my heartstrings when I see the ones that I love, love each other.  I am immensely thankful for the privilege of seeing the two siblings bond.

3 thoughts on “Hari and Ram – Sibling-ness (Gratitude Journal – Day 16)

  1. So sweet. See, this is the only thing I regret in not having siblings, and not giving my kid siblings either. Our friends make up for it, but blood is thicker, no?

    1. I think friends are family we choose LG. Sibling relationships are endearing in childhood but it does get complicated as we grow. It requires constant nurturing.

  2. “The ones I love, love each other” – I like the way you say that….Hari Ram Kathas are always so insightful …they are adorable boys…

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