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I have taken to my dad’s side of the family when it comes to my hair color and density. My hair started greying in my early 30’s, and at a fast and furious rate in my mid 30s. The sight of those silver strands used to make me really sad. It left me feeling that my youth was slipping away. I was also annoyed that for all my preaching about inner beauty, inner calm and inner strength, the greying of my hair rattled me so much. Isn’t it the normal part of aging, why so much resistance?

On a whim, I started treating my hair with henna a couple of years back. For the first few times, I went to the parlor with resentment and annoyance, wishing that I just accepted my greying hair and not fight it as much.  But gradually, over time, I started enjoying the experience. I mean all I needed to do was sit. Just sit for full 20 mins while someone else did the work for me. What was not to like about that? Not to mention the heady smell of henna and how it conditioned my hair.

While I am still not ready to give up my henna treatment, I can honestly say that the silver strands do not take as much of my mind space any more. I am thankful that henna is a stop gap solution that I can fall back on till I come to terms with my aging.  I am also thankful to my dad and a couple of my friends for embracing their grey hair. That’s the state of mind I aspire to achieve with time. A calm acceptance of my aging hair.

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