Celebrating Hari

Our first born will be turning 12 in another 45 minutes.  Where did the years go? All I did was blink and he grew from a newborn to a pre-teen. Hari has been grinning ear to ear all day today. “Amma can you believe it, this will be my last year of being a pre-teen?” I absolutely cannot believe it child. I simply cannot. I mean I know it. I have seen you grow inch by inch. Yet when I see you making small talks with the hairdresser at salon or chatting with our neighbors, it takes my breath away. That’s when it hits me you are growing fast and furious. They say the pre-teen and teenage years are challenging years, a time when a child is at the cusp of childhood and adulthood, trying to figure out his place in the world. When academic and peer pressure multiply. This year has just been the beginning of that phase and you have had a good start. I worried that you would want less of me in this phase. But  I am pleasantly surprised by how you have been reaching out  to me for hugs and love when I least expect it. I love how you and I are able to have candid conversations, sometimes speaking volumes with our eye rolls, naughty smiles, and heavy sighs!  You are kind, flexible and an easy going child. Always eager to roll up your sleeves and face a challenge thrown at you. You are everything a parent would want in a first born.

Today, I am thankful for the blessing and privilige of raising Hari. It has been the richest 12 years of our lives. Happy happy birthday dearest Hari. Be mindful, listen to your inner voice, focus your energy on the efforts, be kind to yourself and to others, and be happy. We love with all our hearts and more. 

4 thoughts on “Celebrating Hari

  1. Oh dear Hari… Happy happy birthday, I feel like your mom’s posts showed us your inch by inch growth. You are an inspiration and keep following your heart and may you continue to be the caring, loving being that you have always been. Being the first born comes with a lot id privileges as well as a lot of responsibilities, here is wishing you tons for success and endurance, dear boy.

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