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Rediscover This Day

Last year this day we were in India, more specifically in Hyderabad. It was Hari’s date of birth and star birthday. Since my mother-in-law (referred to as amma going forward in this post) and Hari shared the same nakshatranam, they had a joint birthday celebration. My sister-in-law had purchased a beautiful and humongous birthday cake in the shape of cricket bat to make Hari’s special day extra special. Amma was excited about turning 70. She wore an onion color sari with brown border. She was happy that we were there with her on her milestone birthday.

Some random amma related memories from that stay. Amma making cheppankizhangu roast for lunch. We ordered breakfast from a local hotel one morning and chomped away the varieties of dosais. Amma excited to attend her nephew’s wedding, spending time wih her siblings and catching up with her relatives. She was happy that it coincided with her b’day, she distributed some mementos to her kith and kin. She asked me to take pictures of her. 

I am grateful that all the stars aligned and we made that trip last year. It was her last birthday and our last time seeing her healthy and happy.  I am thankful for the happy memories that we have from that trip. I am thankful that google kept throwing back pictures from the tip. I am very thankful that she had a relatively peaceful end with less suffering. Much gratitude amma for all the love, role modeling, and acceptance of everyone for who he or she is. 

2 thoughts on “Rediscover This Day

  1. Once again – i am so sorry for the loss, how is your husband faring? – I remember this birthday and your beautiful trip so well. It is hard I am sure , not yet a year but hope time has begun the healing even though such aches never fully go away. Glad her memories are keeping her spirit alive. It is the same for me and my husband too….

  2. UL – Da is mostly fine. The times he thinks of amma, it’s mostly happy things. The intensity of the grief has abated. I am sure it gets lonely for him when he longs for her physical presence. But his bond with his sister has strengthened.

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