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WordPress had a little trophy for me at the upper right corner this morning. Apparently, it’s my eighth anniversary at wordpress. That makes it 11 years of blogging…!  I am grateful for this space where I get to write what my heart pleases, the way it pleases, and when it pleases. I am thankful for the handful of readers I have. And I am thankful for the friendships that this blog has given me. 

Note: With this post, I am concluding 31-days of gratitude journal. Thanks for walking with me on this journey. I hope to continue writing on a different theme, perhaps after a little break. 

8 thoughts on “Blogging

    1. Thank you gooblefunkist. I wanted to write a more reflective post, but wrote it after a long day, may end up updating. Thank you for your support, for liking and commenting. They make a big difference!

      On Thu, Dec 8, 2016 at 3:40 AM, Thoughts Unlimited wrote:


  1. Maha,

    I am one of your loyal handful of readers. I am thankful for the lovely bloggers like you that make my day with your beautiful posts. It is like having a nice soulful chat with your friend when you read something that you can connect with. You are an amazing writer.

    One of my favorite posts of yours is when you wrote about helping Hari put on his hockey gear and about the experience of raising a child regardless of whether it is a son or a daughter. I thought it was written with perfect clarity.

    I am also a loyal reader of Gobblefunkist and was so sad when her blog went private.

    I am so glad people like you write for us!

    Take care,

    1. SS, Welcome here and thank you for this heartfelt comment. That there are people who are willing to lend ears to my rambling is privilege that I don’t take lightly. Thank you for taking the time to read. Please do comment when you feel upto it, would love to get to know you too…!

      Note: I wrote this blog post in a hurry, so my end up updating. Didn’t full get to capture all that I wanted to say.

    2. SS,

      No, I ain’t AWOL. You can continue to read me at gobblefunksite dot wordpress dot com. Thanks for following me hither thither. I promise to stay put there for some time at least.


  2. Congratulations, celebrations – as the gratitude journey continues – even though not via blog – it was a lovely experience to share it with you my friend. I just caught up. Beautiful. love to you.

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