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Nutrition workshop

The first nutrition workshop for the year has kicked off. This time it is a 3-week program focused on helping us get back to healthy eating and healthy living.  I have done these workshops enough number of times to know the  drill – what’s allowed and what’s not. I have done it enough number of times to also know that half hearted efforts do not pay;  there is no shortcut to healthy living – you have to devote your time, energy and give it your all.

This week is week one. We are off gluten. One cup of caffeine. 

Truly thankful to this nutritionist who conducts these workshops to create positive ripples in the community.

4 thoughts on “Nutrition workshop

  1. Maha,

    The discipline to eating healthy and less, and to keep moving seems so hard in this luxurious world where we have an abundance of everything but time. It is like we have to simulate what was once natural to mankind.

    I would love to see you share your experience, so I can learn too.


    1. Sure SS, will keep you posted. You said it so well. We have an abundance of unhealthy food in unhealthy portions. So so hard to undo all the damage done, but worth the effort.

      On Wed, Jan 18, 2017 at 1:03 PM, Thoughts Unlimited wrote:


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