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Little Moments

I am watching the Oscars as I type this post. Are they making a statement or what – on immigration, racism, public schools, Trump tweets and what not. I like that!

Here are my little moments from this weekend.

  • As I was puttering around in the kitchen on Sat. evening, Da called from the local park,  “Did you see the rainbow outside?  it’s so beautiful”  I am not sure what I cherished more – the rainbow or the call.
  • Reading Pashu by Devatdutt Pattnaik with Ram.  As if the tales aren’t enough to keep us hooked, the illustrations are so captivating. Once we finish the book, Ram and I plan to take a stab at the drawings. And just for the record, I am not artist, can’t draw a straight line with a ruler but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to draw when the mood strikes, which by the way is far and between.
  • Trying out dishes that I grew up eating but never really cooked on my own, and cooking them for my mother-in-law’s first death anniversary. Wearing the sarees that I inherited from her and reflecting on our times together.
  • Swelling with pride at the 2-minute video in Tamil that Hari created, starring him and his brother for World Language Day at middle school. It is a very ordinary skit (with language errors) but one that was done with extraordinary efforts – coming up with the storyline, using google translation to get the tamil translation, coaxing his brother to participate, teaching him to speak in tamil, putting together costume, coming up with creative ways to tape themselves, and more. 

Have a good week folks! 

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Drum rolls please!

yRam: Mom, why are you using baby soap for me?

Me: Who said that this is baby soap?

Ram: See, it says on the bottle.

Me: I did not read that Ram. But are you able to read what’s written on the bottle? You can read now?

Ram: Yes amma. I can read three or four letters. But not difficult complicated words. I read by myself when you are not around.

Me: Can you please read to me this evening, that would make me soooo happy!

I love this age and stage when learning is curiosity and not necessity driven. When there are no have to, just want to in a child’s vocabulary. When learning happens naturally and effortless. Ram has been picture walking for the longest time and I have wondered if picture walking had become a crutch that was holding him back from reading words. Even if it were, I think it’s still a good thing because he got to experience the book the way he wanted to. He read the 10 Apples up on top from the first to the last page last night. A smile slipping through the corner of his mouth and a sense of pride glinting in his eyes. Yay Ram, yay to a lifetime of reading…! May your love for the written word last forever.

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Over the past decade or so of blogging,  I have come to accept and embrace my blogging pattern. I am a blogger that writes in spurts.  I go through phases of itching to write, wanting  to give voice to my thoughts and share it with the whole wide world.  And just as I get into that rhythm of blogging, writing loses it meaning. I run out of topics and enthusiasm, the charm wears off. Thankfully, if I stay away for too long, the itch strikes back and I come hopping to my digital home as I would to a good old friend.

The days have been a blur for the past several weeks. The second half of January and the month of February are particularly tough, with things ramping up on all fronts, deadlines to chase and tackle, and not to mention having to manage the unpredictable winter and battle the pesky germs. The ruthless non-negotiable nature of routine is both comforting and burdensome. Holding us together while pushing us to break free. 

The kids are home this week for winter break. Hari has enough projects to keep him potentially occupied, so he is careful not to mention that he is bored lest he be reminded of the said projects. Ram is a child of leisure. He plonks himself on the couch and stares at the ceiling for an hour, then he gets up and lays down on the other side to flip his pokemon book. Then he spends some time whispering in our ears “roses are red, violets are blue”,  he then heads out to the front yard and explores the parts of the lawn that has more snow and comes up with a theory around it.

It’s so very nice to see the kids with sparkle in their eyes, and naughtiness in their acts, much of which was lacking last week with cold and coughing bouts. 

I am working on multiple things at work and time is a constraint. I feel slightly inadequate that I am not taking the kids anywhere or doing anything fun with them, and that they will not have anything exciting to report in circle time once the school reopens. I brush that voice aside knowing that it’s my guilt projecting that image, not the kids experiencing boredom.

I hope all of you are keeping well in your neck of the woods. Anything happening (politics aside) or not happening in your world that you care to share?