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Language Problem

I had noble intentions and grand dreams when I signed up Hari for learning tamil in sunday school. I thought I would push myself to learn to read and write in the language in order to be able to guide him. Turned out, this is one of those classic cases wherein the notion of doing something is more appealing than actually doing it. It was easier said than done. 

Hari has been learning tamil for the past six years and almost always, it has ended in one way – with  an SOS call to my parents or my friends with a plea for last minute help. Poor Hari! The child does not complain, the problem solver that he is, he resorts to google translation, and does his best to be independent. But there is only so much self sufficiency in an unfamiliar language.

Do you ask why continue then? I don’t know. I really don’t know. Seeing that this is going nowhere, a rational person would have let go. Somehow, both Hari and I are unable to let go. We have come very close to giving up only to go crawling back to square one.

They say, on the day of victory no fatigue is felt. When we read an essay we have written, an essay we were incapable of writing to begin with, one we struggled to frame word by word after referencing to google translation and generous help from family and friends, there is a part of us that feels hopeful and accomplished. And it is that spark of hope that makes us pick ourselves, again and again. 

2 thoughts on “Language Problem

  1. Awesome that Hari is enjoying the learning process Maha. That’s all that matters.

    We did not have formal Tamil schools for our kids when they were younger. I taught them them the letters and some rudimentary reading. Mostly for fun.

    They both took Tamil as freshmen in their respective colleges and enjoyed it so much. They are still beginners. But just that they enjoyed learning their mother tongue at college here on their own accord warmed my heart. And my gratitude goes to the people who make the Tamil chair possible and the teachers who inspire the kids.

    1. It’s awesome that colleges offer tamil as a language option… and it is even more awesome that your children chose to learn that language. I wouldn’t say he is enjoying the learning process, it’s very hard for us to keep up, but somewhere something is a making a difference for now. So holding to it as long as we can.

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