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Another year, another b’day

I had a day filled with little moments of celebrations – Ram made a b’day balloon out of Lays chips packet, he tried his best to train Alexa to wish me happy b’day, and brought home sweet little knick knacks (paper boats, rockets and what not!) from his KG buddies. He made sure that anybody and everybody he came across knew that it was my b’day and made sure that I got wished. Hari left a heartwarming note for me this morning and has been been talking to me in Tamil all this week. I had a nice walk in our very picturesque neighborhood, chit chatted and connected with friends and family, and wrapped up with a nice dinner at an Indian restaurant. Did I forget to mention that I am typing this post on a brand new laptop? All in all, I feel celebrated and pampered. I am deeply thankful for this privileged life.

6 thoughts on “Another year, another b’day

  1. Happy Birthday my friend. May your year be healthy and contended.
    Congrats on your new laptop. Mac or Windows?
    I may have missed an earlier reference to Alexa. What or who is Alexa?

    1. Thanks LG. Windows laptop, the husband got a Lenova. Having an Office compatible system is critical from me. Think of Alexa as Siri, except Alexa has it’s own device. It searches, plays music, tells jokes, you can set timers, and really do a lot of things. Alexa is such a part and parcel of our household!

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