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Fitness Diary – Day 10

What an intensive week this week has been! So much to do in so little time.  I know I have been writing half baked posts for the past two days. I am so brain fried and tired that I am barely able to keep my eyes open. I am hanging in there in this workshop by my fingernails.

Eats – good. I will skip the menu as it’s mostly the same as yesterday and the day before. I like to standardize breakfast and lunch from Mon. to Wed.  so I don’t have to spend time planning these meals.  Thurs.-Sat,  I change things around to avoid feeling stuck with the same meals.

Workout and meditation – none today. The time allocated to workout and meditation is being spent with the first child helping him with Tamil.

Hydration and sleep –  so so.


  • Today, we are celebrating Krishna Jeyanthi in our house. Celebrating Krishna is akin to celebrating the veshamakara kannans of our house. Truly, enna thavam seidhanai for the blessing to parent the lovable feisty little boys.  
  • Thankful to my dad for introducing the Krishna devotional songs.
  • Thankful that we managed to squeeze in some prayer time today for the festival. 

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