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Fullness of life

Today was a day filled with activities and commitments. Thank God for fullness of life, it leaves you with less bandwidth to brood and ruminate over things that could have been.

A big thank you to Da for holding down the fort as I went skipping and hoping from one activity to the other.

The day started with an extra hour, thanks to daylight savings roll back. I did the single thing that would enhance the quality of my day manifold – an extra hour of beauty sleep!

Thank you to Da, Hari and Ram for believing in me and for being my cheering squad. I was part of a panel discussion this afternoon at the local library. I was a bit anxious as this was my first time and I was not quite sure what to expect. The boys rooted for me and cast their vote of confidence in me. Da brainstormed ideas with me and nudged me (much needed for yours truly) to dress appropriately for the occasion. Exactly the kind of moral support and reality check I needed. So grateful for this bunch!

The best part of indulging in different pursuits is the people that I get to meet and know. Grateful that my path crosses with passionate, smart and nice folks. My life is richer just by virtue of knowing them.

Have a good week. What are you grateful for today?


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