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All in lighter vein

That in which Hari patronizes my laziness…

I lock the front door, gaze at the overcast skies, recall the weather forecast, and loudly proclaim, “Common sense tells me I have to take an umbrella.” Hari who was at my earshot shot back “Amma, let’s just pretend that we are people without common sense and go without an umbrella” It cracked me up like no other. And by the way, that my friends is how the teen brain thinks and acts!

That heartwarming moment in which I realize Da and I are made for each other…

I was staring at my off-white and black dress for tad too long. There was a light orangish old food stain on it. I couldn’t make up my mind – is this food stain blending with the dress or standing out?  I really didn’t want to change but the stain was there for everyone to see. I called Da for a reality check, “Do you think I should change my dress. Can you see the food stain?” The guy looked at it with all the focus he could muster, and asked. “Do you have a black sweater? Just wear that to hide the food stain” Tell you, that instant I knew, we are made for each other!

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