Cocoon of love

This week, at home, the only places that we have access to is the bathroom, a small path in our kitchen and the basement. The pungent smell from the flooring polish is overwhelming and gag inducing. The dust on the kitchen counter from all the sanding limits the cooking (yay!). We finish all our tasks as quickly as possible and crawl into our tiny basement where all of us are huddled together. Hari in a twin mattress on the floor. The rest of us on the queen sofa bed.

All of us winding down together in the same room at the end of the day has been the best part of our renovation. It’s just the right kind of physical proximity. The kind that is reassuring, not suffocating. The kind that’s mostly filled with silence with some chit chatting as the impulse strikes. The kind that has space and togetherness at the same time.

I feel deep gratitude to be wrapped in this cocoon of calm, quiet, reassuring love.  

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