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Thank god, they don’t leave the lights turned on in movie halls. I simply couldn’t stop myself from shedding buckets and buckets of tears while watching Wonder this morning. The movie is as heartwarming and uplifting as the book is, although Hari is of the opinion that the book is the better version.  In the movie, Julia Roberts killed it. As a matter of fact, the entire cast brought the story to life. What fine acting! I can’t wait for it to come on Netflix.  

2 thoughts on “Wonder

  1. Read the review after I read this post. No well in heaven am I going to watch that movie. I’d probably be catatonic.
    But this – the little boy’s sister’s name is Via. My daughter is called Via by her friends. Yeah, immature….but I was thrilled 🙂

    1. You should read the book and watch the movie. It’s a tearjerker but worth it!


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