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“You were a meanie today.” said Ram as he inched closer to me at bedtime. “And you can’t keep making the same mistake again and again.”  I was hungry and in a moment of weakness, I yelled at his tiniest infraction. So I was guilty as charged. Apparently, the child is keeping count and according to him, I had yelled at him last week. Sigh!

This conversation aside, I am thankful to my family for being forgiving of my temper tantrums and meltdowns. As a person letting out the steam, it is therapeutic for me. But as folks at the receiving end of the unpleasantness,  it must be traumatic for them. This is not lost on me. I try and intend to try harder to exercise control and hold myself back instead of unleashing a torrent of words. 

2 thoughts on “Meanie

  1. haha.. but yes, the little boy has got a point .. we all need to guard our temper.. but then yelling now n then is better than bottling up for a later time when even the most inconsequential things make us loose it 🙂

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