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Soulful Sunday

Another Thanksgiving break has come to an end. This was an unusual one for us. Normally, we either have family or friends visiting us or we are out traveling. This time we just stayed home. I will admit, as someone who likes to take on more, it was hard slowing down and my restless mind was craving for something else. But the universe has a way of giving us what we need the most.  And what we desperately needed was some decluttering and leisure, which I am glad we managed to get in plenty over the long weekend.

I have been listening to some great podcasts over the weekend. I listened to Eckhart Tolle and Shonda Rhimes. I listened to some tips on how to say NO. I also listened to how two little girls chose between girls and boys scouts. These talks brighten my day like no other. I am so very thankful that I get to enjoy the company of great thinkers at the click of a finger.

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