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Cup of Joy

A fellow blogger asked what made you smile this week? Plenty of things filled my cup of joy actually.

  • We are in the home stretch of the renovation work. We started moving our belongings to our respective rooms. The kids never complained or ever asked for a room of their own. Now that they have one, it’s nice to see them charmed by it and take ownership for it.
  • Ram exploring the new washing machine and ceiling fan. The things that we consider as mundane are a source of fascination to him. I too sat with him for a couple of minutes, looked at the rinsing and spinning, with wonder.
  • I completely forgot something that I was responsible for at Sunday school. Not only did Hari provide a timely reminder but also did the work for me. I am embarrassed at my lapse but so very thankful that we caught the lapse on time. In response to a call for help from his dad at the same time, the child frantically replied, “Illa pa, I can’t help you. I am busy saving amma”. Brought a chuckle but he was not farther from truth, he was saving my dignity that day.
  • Hot creamy sweet semiya payasam for Karthigai Deepam. I know I am supposed to do urundais, but desperate times call for desperate measures.
  • In sunday school, my fourth graders shared their happy places in response to a meditation session. The range was far and wide – living room, kitchen, couch, their rooms, their desks, the library, reading nooks, and why even the Apple store. They all seemed so happy when they talked about what made it their happy place. That in turn truly made me happy.
  • The seventh graders did a variation of the Shakunthala and Dushyanta story. One team had a twist to their ending. When Dushyantha tells Shakunthala that he does not remember her, she gives a cheeky response – “I need no man in my life” and walks out of his life. Atta girl!
  • I was able to retrieve my comfy cosy sleep robe! I jumped up and down, shrieked out of joy and danced some. That’s about the only thing that I look forward to on chilly nights.

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