• I have been off from work over the past two weeks. I have been checking social media but not as frequently. I have not watched anything on Netflix. I expected not to miss work but not missing social media or watching T.V. is a nice surprise.
  • All four of us have been hanging out together for the past week or so doing nothing in particular. I am going to miss the lazy mornings, deadline-free, commitment-free, chauffeuring-free days. Not to mention the brats.
  • I am only exaggerating a little when I say, if you were to stand outside our house for some time right now, you will be a human popsicle. It is minus four degree Fahrenheit tonight. The low temperatures have been hovering at that range for the past one week and is expected to remain so for the next one week. On the plus side, it’s going to feel warm and toasty when we hit freezing point. It’s all relative!
  • New year does give a nice opportunity to reconnect with folks that I normally don’t keep in touch with under the guise of being busy. Spending the last day of the previous year and the first year of the new year catching up with friends and family is something I so look forward to.

One thought on “Musings

  1. Been catching up, on the posts I have missed in the past year or so. Love reading Ram’s antics – that child is precious and very close to my heart – his birth often reminds me of a big change in my life ( in a wonderful way)… loved his story book that you paid him only ten cents for ( yeah… agree with Hari, whatever happened to minimum wages 😜), also loved his nail fairy cheekiness. As for Hari, what a wise child you have, loved his opinions on vaping and e-cigarettes. Also enjoyed reading about procrastination ( don’t we all? ) – it reminded me of my promise to catch up on your posts from last Nov… I am still not there yet. But slowly making my way there… keep writing, you have a way with words that makes the ordinary into extraordinary – keep it up xox

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