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Just bantering

It’s way past my bedtime. I ought to be in my bed instead of typing away here. But I have been itching to write. To write something. To write anything.

This has been the first full week of school since start of the year. It sure feels like we have boarded a non-stop express train. The days, like the world outside the train, is zooming by. Hari is carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders. Quizzes, tests, practices, goals, aspirations. Ram is living it up. His latest experiment involves making food. He has designed a rather exotic menu – monster sandwich, junkyard salad, fudge beach, smore house, hidden blueberry. You can say that his imagination has been tickled, there will be no stopping till it has run it’s full course. He intends to lay out a spread on Saturday for us.

Little moments for this week:

  • I had a productive work week. Made good progress on the projects I have been working on. Yay!
  • Ram takes pottery class on Thursdays. Every week he brings home one of his creations. I so look forward to it and get immense joy in lining it up on the kitchen window sill. Today, he brought home a nest with what looked like a red cardinal and some eggs. It gave me such a burst of joy!
  • Hari, Ram and I went to middle school play today. A musical based on the Shrek movie. What fun!
  • Da picked up Ram most of the evenings this week. It makes such a difference to my evening routine. Thanks to him, every night I closed the kitchen by 7:30.
  • That 5 minutes I get with Hari before bed time. That’s when I get a little peek into his mind.
  • Like many people I know, I tend to indulge in self-deprecating humor. Except that sometimes the self gets extended to the husband and the children. At Ram’s bus stop I was making light of a situation that Hari was in with the other moms. Ram overheard the conversation, gave me a stern look, and reprimanded, “Amma, don’t do that. You are laughing at anna. It’s not nice to laugh at someone.” I narrated that incident to Hari that evening and said how much Ram was looking out for him. “Amma, I don’t mind you laughing at me. But don’t do it when I am not around.” And just like that I learnt a thing or two about what is not good humor.

Alright, tudlu for now!

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