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Sharing My World

Thank you Cee.

What did you or did you not like about the first place you lived without your parents? We moved quite a bit in my childhood. The first house that I remember was appa’s flat in KK Nagar, Chennai. I loved living in a flat, being surrounded by a community. Hopping over to the neighbor’s house and being part of their family uninvited. I loved taking the school bus. I loved hanging out in the common hall when there was a power failure.  The second house is the one in Bhelpur, where I did my middle and high school. Oh I can write an 80-pages book on what I loved about that house and the neighborhood. Living in that house was quite an adventure – there were about 12 mice babies or so that were born (no no, I don’t want to relive that experience), bats (yes, you read it right) circling in the hall, and what not. There never was a dull moment in that house, the most spacious one we had ever lived in. It had pantry cum perumal room, toilet that was separated from the bathroom (why aren’t they building houses like that any more), one spacious airy verandah that had a staircase to the next level, two really big bedrooms. Ironically, the house was only plastered never painted. Why would someone build such a beautiful house and not paint it on the outside, I never understood that. I would love to go back to take a look at the house if it still exists.

What is your most favorite smell/scent? One of the side effects of having a spouse who is asthmatic is you have a different perspective on smell or scent. I prefer to live in fragrance free environment anyday. I may enjoy natural smell (henna, citrus, coffee etc.) once in a while but tend to stay away from artificial scents or fragrances. I enjoy the smell of Indian food anyday anytime though!

Would you prefer snowy winters, or not, and why? I neither prefer winter nor snow. It’s a pain at so many levels from not being able to ferment food effortlessly to having to bundle up to step out to the shorter days to the back bending shoveling. So not looking forward to the one foot of snow that is going to get dumped mid week this week.

What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week?  Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination. I appreciated a break from my cooking routine this weekend. I made the mistake of openly resolving that we will not do take out till mid March so I was stuck with kitchen duty. But I unexpectedly got a nice break from it, thanks to my fabulous friends who pampered me with their delicacies. Lucky me!

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  1. I don’t get into the artificial scents either. I get a headache instantly. I like the scent of some spices when I use them in tea or smoothies. Other than that it’s natural scents of nature.

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