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March and April reflections

I just chomped down a handful of chocolate covered dry fruits, so at the moment reflecting on my intentions and evaluating my eating habits seem futile and pointless. If the pattern is familiar and if you are rolling your eyes at this post, be assured that you are not alone. I am rolling mine too. Still, I promised that I would hold myself accountable here, can’t go back on that.

March was really a sorry state of affairs. I think it was pure lack of motivation.  I just didn’t eat right and exercise at all. The only saving grace was I was regular with my flossing and supplement intake.

In April, I had enrolled in a three-week nutrition workshop led by the nutritionist I have told you about in my earlier posts. I did really well for those three weeks in terms of eating habits. It was fascinating how much we eat for emotions than for hunger or nutrition. From sleep deprivation to boredom to rewarding to feeling overwhelmed, the mind simply loves and takes comfort in the the instant gratification that sugary unhealthy processed food provides . For those three weeks, I stayed away from sugar, processed food, caffeine, and gluten. Avoiding these foods did not give any tangible benefits but it was practice in noticing how vulnerable the mind is. I could not keep up meditation and exercising. I simply could not make the time. Last week and this weekend, I came tumbling down in terms of eating habits, thanks to my b’day celebrations.

And the saga continues. May and June are going to be anything but routine.

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