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Little Moments Thursday

  • Kids had a day off and I took a day off for Yom Kippur yesterday. Much fun was had lunching at a favorite restaurant and hopping over to arcade center later. It was my first time playing laser tag, and now I understand why they keep wanting to go back!
  • Ram and I started reading Harry Potter. What fun! Hari never took to Harry, it would be kind of cool if Ram’s interest sustains!
  • Had a lunch meeting with old colleagues. All my team members are based in company headquarters, and the kind of work that I do does not require as much interaction with other team members. So I confess, it does get lonely sometimes. I very much miss the face to face human interaction.
  • Reconnecting with friends that I have not talked in a while. While I don’t very much enjoy partying, I do love connecting with friends on a one on one basis and having meaningful conversations. Getting back into that rhythm feels good!
  • This year I am running the Diwali event in our town with a couple of other like minded people. I am neither a Diwali person nor a party girl, yet I love love being part of something from beginning to end and seeing it all take shape.
  • Cleaning the house – I love sweeping the floor, putting things in place, and seeing things in order. I am not a slave to cleanliness or orderliness but quite like being its master.  
  • Ram has moved on to next swim level. Gold star to the child!
  • Instead of scrambling in the morning for a decent shirt to wear for school Picture Day, this time we bought one when we did our back-to-school shopping. Mighty proud of myself!

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