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Little Moments

I am blanking out, last week feels like a big blur that I have no memory of. Let me try giving it a shot.

  • I didn’t mean to but I happened to watch Dr. Ford’s testimony and hearing on Thursday. Authentic is the word that comes to mind.  On display was civic duty of the highest order. Role models come in different shapes and forms, and at unexpected times. I feel so privileged to have had the opportunity to watch the live streaming as it unraveled. Watching the hearing was also a revelation – the difference between seeing something first hand and forming your own opinions versus learning something through media and your conclusions being colored by it, is simply humongous – a big AHA moment for me!
  • We had Ram’s Back To School night this week. I think I have told you how much I love going to classrooms of any kind.  I love staring at all the posters, the classroom constitution, the desk arrangement… all the things that reflect the values of the teacher and lend a personality to the class.
  • This year, after much reluctance, I am volunteering to be a room parent with the goal to being more engaged in Ram’s learning experience. It’s easier for me to be focused on my task rather than socializing. But I have come to realize the making connections is important and makes any work more meaningful. I am pushing myself out of my comfort zone here.
  • Talking of volunteering, when I was explaining my volunteering pursuits to an acquaintance, she commented that I am all over the place. It was an innocent comment that she made in passing but I found it refreshing. I will use it as a mantra to  stop me on my tracks every once in a while by way of reality check – am I all over the place? Am I doing busy work (a term that Da always cautions me about) or meaningful work?

Tudlu for now. Take care, take it easy, and be happy!

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