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Second Chances

A friend of a friend went on his usual jog, the usual route;  just a little later than his usual time. He was struck by a car and he died on the spot. He is survived by his wife, who is about my age, and by his kids, nearly as old as my older and younger ones. A family’s life changed overnight. Just like that, for no rhyme or reason, for no fault of theirs.

They were the mom and daughter duo that everyone talked about. Their affection for each other stood out at all times. The mom was diagnosed with cancer and she lost her battle within the next three or four months. She was all flesh and blood, a proud mom, not so long ago.  Today, she lives in her daughters’ heart.  Who would have thought? 

Such is life! As random as randomness can be, isn’t it? As you go through life, you hear such stories. Things that hit closer to home, events that give a knock on your head and leave you shell shocked. And when life does that to you, you learn to be thankful for who you are and what you are blessed with. You learn to be humble. You learn not to sweat the small stuff. You learn to take note of the second chances. 

I am kick starting this years’ month long thanksgiving posts by offering thanks to the universe and the powers above for the second, third, fourth, fifth and the gazillion chances that I have been given in life. For the luxury of a clean slate, a fresh start, and new beginnings.  Time and again. 

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