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The weather outside is gloomy. I am craving for something South Indian, something that’s piping hot and nutritious, and most importantly, it must not take more than 10 mins of my time as I am in the middle of a work day.  I toss in a ladle full of steel cut oats, a quarter ladle of toor dhal, some frozen corn and half-a-chopped carrot, in a stainless steel vessel. I pour some water, a spoon of salt and sambar powder, and place the vessel on the trivet in the instapot and set the timer for 15 mins. Job done, off I go for my work call, and come down in another 45 mins. Tada, pressure cooked, piping hot, nutritious, South Indian lunch is ready. Not in a jiffy, but certainly done with ease. 

Today, my gratitude goes to the every day conveniences – instapot, remote controls, dishwasher, washing machine, wet grinder, electric toothbrush, online shopping… I don’t think about them until they break down but without them, my routine would go haywire.

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