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In all my years of being married, I am a bit embarrassed to admit that I have not made elaborate bakshanams for Deepavali. It just was not priority enough. Some years we did not celebrate, other years I did not plan ahead, and then there were some years when the mere thought of making the sweets and savories was daunting. This year, it’s a different story though. I have made bakshanams two full days ahead of Deepavali. So very uncharacteristic of me! What did I make you ask? Mullu murukku, diamond biscuits, besan laddu and badam barfi.

Today’s thanks goes to:

  • My amma. She labored in the kitchen all day making bakshanam for Janmashtmi when she was here. She has either done or assisted in making seedai atleast for the past four decades yet she did it with humility and did not just assume that they will turn out stellar. That taught me to take bakshanam making exercise with a little more respect instead of my rather brazen attitude because you know bakshanams are notorious for disasters.
  • Again amma. For writing the recipes for the bakshanams just before she left. It came in very handy and gave me the much needed starting point to plunge into the ordeal.
  • My patti for making bakshanam so very often in our early years of growing up. Thatha would always pop the bakshanam from his dabara into my mouth.  So whenever I eat a bakshanam, I think of thatha fondly. 
  • My friends for being on call and clarifying my novice bakshanam making related questions.
  • Last but not the least, bakshanams themselves for not turning out to be a disaster. Sarvam Shrikrishnarpanam!

6 thoughts on “Bakshanam

  1. Reading it with much amusement.. I can feel a sense of elation in your words. Good job!
    Thanks to Bhakshanam themselves for turning out good
    Enjoy the fruits( rather bhakashanams) of your labor and all festivities girl! Sending love to the family!

    1. Thank you Shy…!! Have never thought of myself as a bakshanam making person. I have made them here and there but you know not on a consistent basis. So it was kind of cool that it materialized this time.

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