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Dan Rather and RBG

Around last presidential election, Dan Rather showed up on my FaceBook feed quite frequently as a couple of friends liked or shared his posts. Intrigued, I too started following him. For the most part, he provides commentary on the political scenario although there are times when he writes about sports and science. And what a find he has been! His words not only inspire but also therapeutic, the kind that comes from someone who has seen more of life and has wizened up as a result of that. He is level headed, gives hope when the world around is in despair, and he always always reminds you to take a look at the big picture and to never ever give up.

A couple of weeks back I watched the RBG movie/documentary. Please do yourself a favor and watch this one. We are all lucky to have someone like her in our lifetime. She made her mark against all odds in a male dominated profession and shed light on gender discrimination. Of all the things she said, the one that stands out is how her law studies gave her respite from her child and how her child gave her respite from work. 

My deepest gratitude to Dan Rather and RBG for being such strong, fierce, personalities that we all can look upto and take comfort in.  God bless them!

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