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Little moments

Started drafting his post yesterday but ended up sleeping while tucking Ram to bed. .  

Today, I offer my thanks to the little moments that warmed my heart and made my week.

  • Took the day off this Tuesday. It was my kind of Fall day – gloomy, foggy, with a slight drizzle. We went to Walden pond and I got happily drenched in its serenity.
  • Got my first Uniqlo jacket. A beautiful wine color. And it is oh so light and warm, I love it!
  • Managed with leftovers for two consecutive dinners. I won a lottery or what?!
  • Distributed the Deepavali bakshanams with my friend V’s help to a few good friends. So much joy in sharing!
  • Got Da a nice formal shirt for Deepavali, and best of all, he liked it!
  • A colleague is moving to a different role. She wrote a nice note saying how much she has learnt from me. It was humbling!
  • A couple of exciting opportunities at the volunttering front. One to get to know the local library more intimately, and another to put a children’s magazine together, written by children. Small thrills!

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