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Little Moments

It’s that time of the week when I reflect on the little moments.

  • Hari, Ram, and I went to the movie Grinch. The fun was in the anticipation and watching the previews.  The movie was so so, the Grinch was nicer in the movie than in the book.
  • Helped organize breakfast for the staff at middle school this morning. Loved working with other parents and I am incredibly grateful for their support. This is something that I have never done before so got a kick out of doing something new.
  • Volunteered at Ram’s class Fall party. Always a treat to work with the little humans! Gold star to his teacher for weaving in the concept of giving (they helped pack mittens and socks for kids in need) in their “party”
  • Getting comments from Laksh, UL, and Mia on my posts warmed my heart this week. Reminded me of the days when blogging was at its high point.

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