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For the first past several years, may be 10 or so, a few desi families in our neighborhood get together for thanksgiving. It’s a low key potluck dinner with lots and lots of food, and some laughs and merriment. As we were seated in a circle playing board games, my heart was filled with gratitude. Buying a new house is like marriage, isn’t it?  You don’t just marry the person, but the family too. Likewise, you are just not buying a new house, but moving into a new community. We are lucky to be in a community where we feel like we belong, and are surrounded by people who care and look out for us. Much gratitude!


5 thoughts on “Friendsgiving

  1. Summed it up nicely. We are having a similar Friendsgiving too…something that our almost grown kids who don’t live at home anymore look forward to more than we do. As it has been a long standing tradition since they were all little.

    1. SS, I was pleasantly surprised that my older one wanted us to do it. It is good t know that they continue to like it even after the years pass by. Happy Friendsgiving to you.

      Thanks, Suman

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