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Gratitude for journey shared

Today, my thanks goes to UL, a dear friend who I met through the blogging world several years back. Thanks to her, I have been writing everyday in the month of November for the past two years. As you age gratitude becomes a way of life, it is no longer just reserved for November or Thanksgiving. You feel it when you kiss your child, hug your husband, talk to you parents, or take a walk in the nature. But there is something special about putting your gratitude in words; you process and reflect as you write, so you experience it at greater depth.

I am also thankful to UL for sharing her learnings and journey through her blog posts. The wisdom imparted in those nuggets are in digestible form, and very tactical. You can practice them on a daily basis. I have benefitted from them immensely. Don’t take my word, check it out for yourself.


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