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Standing Out (Embracing Change – Part 2)

A month after settling in America

Ard brings home a guest


With a face as white as a ghost

Leather jacket

Peach beard

Eyes the color of the sky


Ard introduces me to him

His name is Tim


Glad that my husband made friends

I tried to show as much graciousness as possible

I tried to create conversation


Where are you put up?


It was a simple question

One we Indians ask frequently


However, his reaction was a nonconformity to me

His lips turned into questioning frown

I could sense Ard stiffen

I knew that I had made a mistake

Speaking out like that


Yet I did not know what had happened


Later, Ard informed me

And spoke to me

English in India is different from the English in the USA

People do not use that phrase

It is confusing to Americans when you say that


Ask “Where do you live” instead


Taking what he told me in

I felt a new sense of loneliness

I felt the world was so much different

Although we humans are all so similar


From then on

I felt

Settling in the US is easier said than done

Some context: What were some things that took you by surprise? Although people understood my english they did not understand how phrased the questions. I knew my accent was different but was surprised that how I phrased the question was different. 

2 thoughts on “Standing Out (Embracing Change – Part 2)

  1. I hear you..I am sure I had done this many times while navigating this new country all by myself.
    Brought back the memories of the book Rasam, we jointly wanted to write.. of many such stories ..our immigrant encounters.

    1. Can’t think of immigration stories without thinking of rasam for the soul. I miss the excitement over possibilities. Now we are all so grown up and grounded in realities. Whether or not, it materialized is another story, but the unbridled enthusiasm over it was quite something!

      On Sat, Dec 15, 2018 at 1:26 AM Thoughts Unlimited wrote:


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